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Auto Repair Phoenix 85012 85014

If your car is wandering within your lane, or your steering wheel is vibrating, what should you do?

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How Wheel Alignments Are Performed

  • Wheel alignment technicians check an automobile's alignment by test driving it prior to servicing it. Test drives provide the technician firsthand knowledge of steering and tire performance, giving him important information that will allow him to effectively diagnose any issues. Here is where the experience of Compu-Tech technician's becomes important. The more experienced the technician, the more accurate his diagnosis.

Front-Wheel Alignment

  • Front wheel alignment service inspects and adjusts the alignment of the vehicle's  front tires and axles. A car that regularly pulls to one side or has uneven tire wear indicates the need of a front-wheel alignment, especially when confirmed by a technician. Front-end alignment not only helps your tires last longer, but also corrects a matters of safety. Keep you, and your passangers SAFE.

    If you notice symptoms, Call for an appointment today, and come in as soon as you can.

Four-Wheel Alignment

  • Four-wheel alignment inspects all tires, but technicians may perform it in two different ways. A wheel technician can inspect all four wheels but only service the two front wheels, or he can inspect and service all four wheels, which is known as a full four-wheel alignment. Full alignment services are more expensive than other types of alignment services because of the extensive work.

    The benefits to the vehicle over all, and the safety issues are also equally more extensive as well.


Auto Repair Phoenix 85012 85014
Auto Repair Phoenix 85012 85014
Auto Repair Phoenix 85012 85014
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